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Staffing Solutions


We can help you to have more success with your staffing challenges by providing the following solutions:

Check Box Per Diem Nurses

Per Diem Nurses can help to fill those daily, weekly, and monthly needs.


Check Box Contracts

Contracts are for shifts that your hospital must have covered. They are guaranteed and cannot be cancelled, which is an attractive option for the facility and for the nurse. The length of time can be for as little as 4 weeks or as long as 36 weeks.

Check Box Bonus Shifts

Bonus Shifts are to help fill that last minute-hard to cover shift. This has been a popular trend that allows you to increase qualified staff, with an additional financial incentive, which alleviates immediate critical staffing shortages.

Check Box Preferred Vendor Solutions

Preferred Vendor Solutions are also available to your hospital or health system. Qualified clients may be eligible for additional discounts. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement or pilot this program at your institution.


PRN Consultants has nurses who are ready to start working today in Med Surg, Critical Care, ER, OR, GI, PACU, Interventional Radiology, Cath Lab, Radiation Oncology, and Chemotherapy, just to name a few. Supervisors and nurse managers are also available.

Ask us about our electronic ordering system to help you maximize your fulfillment rate!

Please call us today at (215)750-6161 if you have additional questions.