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Why Choose PRN?


The Benefits of Choosing a PRN Nurse:

Check Box Comprehensive Screening Process

PRN Consultants has a comprehensive screening process for all nurses placed at your facility. All PRN nurses are required to have a minimum of 2 years or more of experience. The majority of our nurses have 15 or more years of experience. Nurses are tested and a self-evaluation of skills is also completed. Only those skilled nurses with the same core values, commitment, and compassion make it through the PRN screening process.

Check Box State of the Art Credentialing

We partner with each individual facility to mirror your own hiring practices so that the nurses you supplement your staff with are held to the same standards as your own staff. This creates continuity and means less time that someone at your facility has to spend worrying about credentials.

Looking for nurses to start right away? No need to worry! At PRN Consultants, all nurses adhere to credentialing standards consistent with JCAHO. On-line access is provided to your facility at no additional cost to you so that you can always be in compliance if you have an unannounced JCAHO visit.

Check Box Customer Service

PRN Consultants always has a friendly and skilled staffing consultant on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help meet your needs. We are noted for our family approach with our nursing staff and guaranteed quality with our hospital clients.

Our software combined with our dedicated staff, work together so that only a nurse with the proper credentials will be working in your facility.



Please call us today at (215)750-6161 about your staffing needs.